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Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips

1.Relationship Tip

 Agree to disagree

Relationship tips can make the difference of having much more harmony in your life and much less anxiety. Agreeing to disagree is an essential part of creating an environment that becomes more open for each partner to share more of themselves with the other.

As children especially when we have siblings many of us try to get our self-esteem by being better than our siblings or our friends. We learn that it is important to be right or win. This can be extremely detrimental to a relationship.

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2.Relationship Tip

Try Not to Judge Strive to Understand

In a relationship, there are two people. These two individuals have two different biologies, cultures, early childhood experiences. It is tough to see eye to eye. On many things especially the big ticket items.

It’s important to try to understand the other person point of view and have some compassion for the other.This can help you learn more about one another. If you have the strength to agree to disagree your relationship may become more emotionally intimate and you may achieve a greater degree of harmony between you.

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3.Relationship Tip

Empathy: Respectfully Get to Know One Another

Respect is crucial in order for a relationship survive. Unfortunately, through the course of relationship partners become comfortable with one another and often lose their “guest behavior”.Regression to the level the ways in which family members related to each other in their family of origin start to come alive.

Partners may often speak to each other in very hurtful manners. Also as partners get to know each other better, more of individual flaws are exposed, and this may be disappointing and change an idealized way partners may have thought of one another.

A partner can show respect by listening to the other person, asking clarifying questions and by trying to understand how they function. Also, it is important to remind that partners remind themselves of the qualities they respect in the other.Often, partners try to convince each other to be or do tasks or activities in the same way that they do. Frequently each partner may feel he/she does things “right.”Arguments can ensure the “right” way to do something. Partners can begin to be critical of the other because of differences.Differences between partners are always going to occur. Observing,  understanding, and acknowledging different perspectives with empathy and compassion. Working to accept the differences and respecting the perspective of the other is paramount.

When couples know each other well they can be kind to one another and develop empathy for their partner. Speaking to your partner by putting yourself in their shoes can also do wonders for harmony. Also couples can give gifts to one another that are meaningful

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