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Let’s face it ­­you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Try to avoid first-date-mistakes

It is sad to think that first-date-mistakes can be a reason a promising date goes nowhere. Unfortunately, if you meet someone online, this is your first in person meeting. Neither one of you has a clue about the other except for a profile and a few texts back and forth. So the first date set the tone for what the other person thinks about you.


Avoid the Following First-Date-Mistakes to increase your chances of success on your first date:



Bringing chocolate or flowers on a first date isn’t the best idea – especially if you’ve just met your date! Both of you  know nothing about the other. Daters ask friends, therapists, and anyone who will listen what does that gift mean?  Then the guessing and projecting starts,”He bought me flowers because he likes me, but he doesn’t even know anything about me yet! “Why did she bring me those baked cookies” She is moving too fast. These may not be your intention at all. it is best to get to know someone better before bringing gifts.


When in the presence of a potential date, couples can often become boring, instead of keeping up the friendly vibe they have with their friends. They won’t make jokes or laugh with each other; they won’t play a round like they do with their friends ,and they take things a little too seriously usually because of first date anxiety. Why do people change their behavior around potential relationships,  without even realizing they’re doing it? The answer is fear and pressure. Will they lose their only chance with the partner of their dreams?  All this pressure and anxiety may come across like you are  reserved.

First Date Ideas


When people become “Mr. or Ms. Serious” they often fall into”job interview conversation mode.” Questions stay on the service and no one get a real sense of who they are with.”So where do you work?” or”How many brothers and sisters do you have?” These may be good ice breakers, however, after try to have fun..  Discuss your hobbies,  tell interesting  or silly stories that have occurred in your life. Avoid Anything too deep for a long period of time. On a first date, subjects that aeit can make things a little depressing.Talk like you’ve known each other for years (as if you don’t need to do the awkward 20-questions quiz.) Of course you can ask basic questions, butnever make it the main focus of your date. Focus on fun.


Without realizing it, many people turn their dates off by trying a little too hard.  One of the worst examples is when one of the pair leans into the others personal space, and ask,”so do you like me?” or constantly changes opinion to gain approval. and make her like him It is fine at the end of a date to ask if you can see the person again. However, during the date making future plans for the two of you may feel presumptuous. The key is to have a good time stay in the experience and forget about the future. Showing the fun loving side being generous with your person and in contributing to the date usually feels good to the other person




If your date finds the night boring, you finished. When it comes to having fun on first dates, nothing is more important than a fun activity that is quiet enough so you can talk to one another. A dinner at a fun restaurant can be great. However, a movie gives you little time to interact. The best dates are creative and can  turn into fun and becoming  playful with one another without being too juvenile.Some ideas include Paint Night, painting and dining, Trivia night at a bar, karaoke if you dare, a gourmet picnic, take a cooking class, or even make a scavenger hunt for your date. Let your imagination go wild and have fun.

A great date idea really helps you get to know each other naturally! Remember, where you take someone on a first date can be the difference between a great night and a dating disaster! Choose wisely!

First Dates

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