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Are Men and Women’s Brains Different: Really ?

  Men and Women’s Brains are Different Begining Before Birth Researchers have found that prenatal hormones specific to gender begin to alter brains development in utero. Studies have shown that at 8 weeks of development male and female fetuses have different amounts of testosterone. Other studies have shown more estrogen in unborn females. It is …

Help for Couple Communication Problems

Published on 3/24/2013   Do you often hear couples say we have communication problems? Do you know couples who hardly talk to each other? Or Couples that try to discuss an issue but end up in a screaming match? Disagreements can result in an argument where a couple gets stuck trying to convince each other …

Types of Affairs

Do you often hear stereotypes such as “All Men Cheat”?  “Every Woman I have Been with Cheats on Me?  “You  Cannot  Trust Anyone to be Faithful.“ As a psychotherapist. I have heard people mention each of these stereotypes. My experience, however, over the last 30 years of working with literally thousands of people has allowed …

Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips are to help you go from adversity in your relationship to harmony, understanding and empathy.